By Hook or By Crook

by The Long Knives

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A post-punk growler with melodic and hypnotic rhythms intertwined with haunting, hard-won, hard-livin' lyrics. If Bukowski had been a punk, this is the album he would have made.


released April 1, 2015

WJ: Guitar/Vocals
SnK: Drums
MaC: Bass



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The Long Knives Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Long Knives from Pittsburgh, PA came to life in the Spring of 2007 and have been playing raw and dirty Post-Punk since the beginning. "By Hook Or By Crook" is the latest EP from 2015 - 2016 will feature the release of the next LP - "Fractured Fairy Tales". ... more

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Track Name: Rough Jesus
Rough Jesus, laying in the background slain, keep calling, out from that open flame,
my skins crawling, leeches in the pouring rain, too late now to feel your burning pain.
Rough Jesus, tell me what they want from you, your knowledge, or your eyes so very blue,
keep walking, and talking about a thing or two, Rough Jesus, all this time we never knew.

Rough Jesus, sleeping on the basement floor, stop crying, we have heard it all before,
tomorrow, dead fishes wash up on the shore, I'm flying, the wings inside my mind just soar.
Rough Jesus, suicidal belly crawl, they're coming to make sure you can't get up at all,
they push you, kick you down and make you fall, Rough Jesus, pretty soon you better call on Saul.

Rough Jesus, perusing through the masquerade, in costume, the martyr that you've always played,
we watch you, lonely teardrop in a rain parade, resist them, let up and they will surely have their way.
Rough Jesus, all the prophecies are proving false, inside us, ghosts of yesterday perform their waltz,
remind me, that this was all someone else's fault, Rough Jesus, you have turned us all to pillars of salty brine.
Track Name: Forget Me, Forgive Me
Oh, and what did they say? When they screamed through purple megaphones, burn the bodies in the hay, and let the bells chime many tones, we are walking fast away from everything we’ve ever known, and I won’t fall to knees and pray, no religious undertones.

Left for dead and there to rot, vultures flying in the clouds, looking down on what is not and what is never to be proud, all the shame and shifting sands, and the nails that hit our veins as the dark grains fall from our hands, burned to ash, the yesterday’s.

We are standing on our knees, out of breath, we cannot crawl, and the demons in the breeze whisper names so sure to fall, in my memories and dreams, there are horrors unforetold, and when I gave you all those things, they were surely not made of gold.
Forget me, forgive me now, please forget me, my everything, please forgive me for what I bring…
Track Name: American Pineapple Honey Express
I just wanna be with you, I always feel so free with you, and I know, you are what does me best. Yes I, just wanna be with you, all I ever need, so true, American Pineapple Honey Express.

I don’t wanna walk away, I don’t want to feel no pain, and I don’t want to be left out in the rain. I don’t want to feel the need, the one that brings me to my knees, begging you, I’m begging you, oh please…

I don’t wanna be a mess, I just wanna beast your breast, American Pineapple Honey Express. I don’t want it cold as ice, I just wanna pay your price, American Pineapple Honey Express.
Track Name: Terror Eyes
If I seem to have lost connection, a hollow ghost fallen from stars,
the secret of the addiction is knowing where and when to stop,
I've fallen through the shadows through the slums of then and now,
I'll continue to do battle, I will never slow down.

If you pause to fake your freedom, in the land of honeycombs,
you can break the ice and dig in, when your heart just screams and moans.
She loved you and she loved me, there was plenty to go 'round,
then she drank with humpty dumpty, scattered lilies, and fell down.

So I seem to know the where’s and when’s of time just standing still,
and to fall off of the deep end, well, I know just how that feels.
What you see and what you are needing, they are so different and apart,
the eyes don't get to know you, and we end right where we start...
Track Name: Six Deep
And I don’t know what to do now, I don’t know what to say, you know that things are different, you know that they have changed, and I think that I can see you, I think you’re out there somewhere, but I don’t want to be with you and I don’t really care, ‘cause it all falls down into that hole in the ground, yes, it all falls down into that hole in the ground.

You say that things are different, you say that things are new, but I’m still feeling beaten, and I’m still feeling blue, and I don’t think you get it, I don’t think you understand, times they have passed us, there’s dust in your hand, and they all fall down in into that hole in the ground, yes, we all fall down into that hole in the ground.

Now you try to pull me slowly, back into your arms, but I am running quickly, I know you’ll do me harm, and they say the greatest treasures are the ones that are so small, but I’m tired of that bullshit, I’m tired of it all, ‘cause it all falls down into that hole in the ground, yes, it all falls down into that hole in the ground, in the ground, yes, it all falls down into that hole I the ground, yes, it all falls down into that hole I the ground…